Stag Weekends in Bournemouth – Off Road Karting

When it comes to stag weekends, your mind travels to a place that is filled with scenic beauty and thrilling activities. Stag nights and stag parties in Bournemouth is the ideal option to spend your leisure time while you are on a stag weekend. Bournemouth is reputed for its beauty and is called the blue-rinse paradise. Ideal for a stag weekend, Bournemouth is filled with numerous belting nightclubs and fashionable bars, all located within walking distance of each other. Stag weekends in Bournemouth provides you with some of the best stag events and beach activities ranging from zap cats and power boating, karting, quad biking to greyhound racing and clay pigeon shooting.

Stag Do – Rage Buggies in Bournemouth

Off road Karting in Bournemouth is the ultimate thrilling stag event as you ride a 620cc-unrestricted engine with a lightweight chassis capable of picking up a speed of 50 mph within just 6 seconds. It definitely sounds a challenging stag event. Get prepared for some more surprising information. This 620cc powerful engine is like an automatic car with no gears, where you will have to drive using one foot only. This mechanism leaves your mind free to concentrate on finding the racing line around the specially built course that’s filled with adventurous twists and turns comprising slaloms, chicanes and hairpins. Apart from giving you a fun filled stag weekend, off road karting in Bournemouth also teaches you how to fishtail the forceful kart around the corners and along the extensive curves.

You will be given loads of practice laps to get a feel of the kart. There will be two karts on the track at a time to give you a clear track ahead. Now that you have gained sufficient training in this stag event, you will be able to do a flat out and flying timed lap with a fantastic start and a perfect finish.

The Fun of Off Road Karting

Stag weekends are the best ways of relieving your mind and enjoying your day to the fullest. The stag do off road karting in Bournemouth provides you with all the fun and adventure you are looking for. Chillisauce makes sure that your trip to Bournemouth turns out to be the best stag weekend you ever had, leaving behind a sense of satisfaction, and making you look forward to similar such fun filled stag weekends in Bournemouth.