Road Trip

Car Rental Tips To Help You Get Ready for Your Road Trip


If you are getting ready to take a road trip, it is important to have all of your car rental tips organized and laid out in one place. Starting your trip with the right information will help you avoid any unexpected surprises that could cause you to lose a lot of time and money.


Here at Carrentals, we have compiled a list of some helpful car rental tips that can make your road trip much more efficient. Knowing these tips will give you peace of mind when planning for your next road trip.


Make Sure You Have Your Car Rental Information

First and foremost, make sure that you have your car rental information in hand before heading to the airport. If you are not sure of the exact location where your car will be picked up from, then we recommend having a contact phone number for the person picking up your car.


If you are planning on driving yourself to the airport, then make sure that you have a print-out of your reservation and that you have completed any necessary paperwork. This includes making sure that there is no damage to your vehicle and no outstanding debt.

If you booked your car through a third party company like Carrentals, then make sure they have all of their relevant paperwork as well.


Create A Packing List

It is important to make a packing list before you leave on your trip. This list should include everything you will need for the trip including clothing, toiletries, food, and entertainment. You don’t want to be left scrambling in the last minute before your road trip begins.

If you are making a list of things to take with you, consider putting together a checklist with all of the items that …