Working with Satin Blanket Binding: Elephant Blanket

With the date of the baby shower pushed back by over a week, I have been able to breathe a little (and sleep a little), and add in the binding to the first blanket. I chose pink satin blanket binding and a matching pink poly thread for both baby quilts, since both will be girls.

Knowing the backing for both quilts is minky, and adding on another slippery material like satin, I employed my trusty walking foot for this project. Using this instead of my usual foot, was the best idea I ever had. I had very little slippage and it was a pretty quick project, even for a beginner like me.

After that I used hair clips I got from the dollar store to hold the binding in place while I sewed it down. In case you don’t know, binding has two sides, and the back is always *slightly* bigger than the front, making it easier to catch both sides as you sew it down, as long as the quilt itself is nudged up flush against the fold inside.

I’m not quite sure why it was cattywompus as I was sewing, perhaps it was the way I was sitting at a slight angle, but it worked out in the end. I found the hair clips worked out well, but towards the end of the project, they weren’t so willing to stay in place. On baby quilt #2, I may use my Clover Wonder Clips instead.

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