WIP Wednesday: What Are You Sewing Today?

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers and Happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! Are you sewing anything patriotic this week?

I have a few plans in store for this blog that I am hoping you will enjoy. Nothing too crazy so don’t worry. If you are as bad at handling change as I am, trust me, these are good changes. 

I want to make sure that y’all get more from me and less sporadic posts as it seems June was. I am planning on having two series:

  1. WIP Wednesday: Where I will show you what is in the works for me, and you can show me yours.
  2. Freebie Friday: I will share a free project with you that I have found and am working on.

I am also planning on finally opening my Etsy shop this month. Since I have vacation scheduled for the last week of July, I am shooting for when I get back.

Right now, I am in full “Etsy shop inventory” mode. I found this really cute jigsaw pattern for a mug rug on Craftsy. I don’t normally spend money on patterns on Craftsy. In fact, I don’t like spending money at all on patterns. However, I did “splurge” and spend $2 on this pattern.

It works really well with charm packs. I got the cute patriotic charm pack from Moda off Etsy. It’s called Red, White and Free. 

It also introduced me to applique work and WonderWeb. Unfortunately, this was my first foray into WonderWeb. Does anyone know how to get glue off an iron?! 

I learned quickly however, and didn’t make the same mistake twice. Although I was fighting with glue on my iron the entire time, trying to avoid that section of my iron. I let my iron cool down and wiped it down. I don’t feel anything. I’m hoping I was able to get it all off. I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday.

The jigsaw pieces were also a lesson in how to line everything up before ironing it down.  That was harder than I thought it would be. Once it was ironed down, there was no moving it.

I think I will be searching YouTube for videos on how to properly use WonderWeb.

I noticed driving into work yesterday during my hour long commute that traffic was a lot lighter. This is a big week for people to take off of work around here. 

Have you taken off work this week? Are you retired? What are your plans for this week? Any sewing projects you are working on? Let me know!

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