WIP Wednesday: a dead computer and making a keyfob

Hi everyone! The workaround I thought I had in my Freebie Friday post on how to make a keyfob last week did not work. So, my computer is dead in the water, a gloriously expensive paperweight. It was good while it lasted. Now I am relegated to my tablet and the library. That’s okay though!

Sewing still goes on! Last Freebie Friday, I shared a pattern for a quilted key fob.  I mentioned I was going to look into heavy duty webbing. A little ingenuity and I found a great shop on Etsy called everythingribbons. They provide the keyfob hardware and heavyduty webbing for a heckuva lot cheaper than Joann’s. I also like how I can get different finishes for the keyfob hadware.

I got a small bottle of Fray Check at Wal-Mart for $1.97 and used it on all 25 of the lengths of webbing I bought. Wow, I didn’t have any idea how much webbing frays!

I wasn’t able to find ribbon cheap on Etsy. Though I did get some nice grosgrain ribbon from Joann’s for 50% off. As I am writing this, I am wondering if I can use my bias binding maker to use fabric for these as well. I will let y’all know how that goes. The heavy duty webbing is really thick. I suspect a lighter webbing would do better with the fabric.

I have a fantastic surprise for my youngest. Hoping she will like a keyfob today with the soccer ribbon I got from Joann’s. That along with the colors for the school will be perfect. My older one will probably like one using antique brass. It has that steampunk feeling.

It didn’t take me very long to make almost 10 of them. Going forward though, I think I will get the pliers specifically for making these. Making one or two at a time is fine with my needlenosed pliers. Almost ten though made my hand hurt. I also don’t feel the metal was equally pressed using the needlenosed pliers.

What is under your needle this week?

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  1. Thank you for your simple and lovely post. I bought stuff to make key fobs with elementary school kids whom I was teaching sewing. I had been using a tutorial that called for laminating candy bar wrappers like instead of where you had ribbon. I thought they would jump for the project, but you just never know about kids. Here’s that tutorial. https://www.lazygirldesigns.com/tutorial-diy-candy-wrapper-key-fobs/ I think these would be great gifts. You could make these for other holidays as well, even for Valentine’s day or Easter. Well done and don’t we love Carol’s blog hops. I sat this one out but I still love to window shop through everyone’s pages.

    1. All of the blog hops are so much fun! Thanks for the tutorial.

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