Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop: My turn!

Memorial Day flowers we put at my dad's grave

Welcome to my turn at the Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop hosted by Carla at Creatin’ In The Sticks.

Spring was slow coming to the northeast. Now that it is here though, wow! Almost every day I leave work, my car has a thin sheen of yellow pollen covering it. Girls on my daughter’s soccer team are dealing with asthma brought on by allergies, and my own two are dealing with seasonal allergies they never had before.

As I was scouring Pinterest for the perfect beginner friendly flower quilt block, I came across the Podunk Posy quilt block. I really could not believe how easy this quilt block was.

While I originally thought the light green plaid would go really well in this quilt block, it seems to get swallowed up in the background fabric. I really think a darker green next time would provide more contrast.  Anyone can make a bunch of these to make a table runner with different colored flowers. Or, make a quilted garden with a lap sized quilt.

Quilting Cat had to inspect and approve the project first

Some of y’all know how much I love quilt alongs. National Quilter’s Circle has a new quilting challenge by Susan Guzman called the Lexington Sampler Quilt. Last week’s block from the sampler quilt is called the Prairie Flower.

Last quilting challenge, I tried to go super scrappy with all the fabric I got from Freecycle. However, I learned a very important lesson with using scraps for a quilt along. Your scraps need to be at least big enough in one color to cover enough for one section. Without enough fabric in those scraps, the blocks started looking a little like a blind person chose the fabrics.

This time, I carefully chose the fabrics: a white on white, white on gray, white on black, and a purple. There is another purple and gray fabric that pulls them all together.

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  1. That is a great block, and I actually like the green plaid idea. Thanks for sharing that one!

  2. The Podunk Posie and the Prairie Flower block are both nice. I like the colors you chose for the block!

  3. The tulip flower (Prairie flower) is so pretty.

  4. I like your Podunk Posy, maybe a different back ground color. Your other block is quite nice too.

  5. What a great block that Poduck Posy is. Your quilt along flower was also perfect for the hop.

  6. Love your posy and the fact that you scour Pinterst for ideas too. It’s the best place to window shop! LOL!!

  7. Love your Podunk Posy. What a shame that lovely green fabric is so pale against the white. You did such a great job! The Prairie Flower is gorgeous, too. Beautiful projects!

  8. Very cute block – love the plaid leaves!

  9. That little posy is so cute. This would make a sweet quilt. Thank you for joining the Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop.

  10. I like each of your blocks and the names of the blocks are perfect for the hop. The small posy is adorable and will be perfect whatever you decide to make with it. It pulls at my heartstrings. Thanks for participating in the hop and being and inspiration.

  11. That Posy is so cute! You are so right, choosing a good contrast with colors makes all the difference. That’s why I’m so slow and behind on my projects. I have difficulty with letting go and just sewing and being ok with how it turns out instead of worrying about things being perfect.

  12. Those Podunk Posies are just adorable. I’ve made lots of them.

  13. I love Podunk Pretties and that block is adorable. I, too, struggle with contrast whenever I’m making something. I make a mental note but seem to repeat it, all the same.

  14. Thanks for sharing your flowery talent today.

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