Subscription Boxes: Which One Should You Choose?

When I first started quilting, I heard about subscription boxes. I googled it and found so many of varying price ranges. But which one should I pick? It wasn’t like I had a ton of money to throw around. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. Quilting is a very expensive hobby! If you are just starting out, I bet you are learning that too.

Here is a list of five of the different types of quilting and sewing subscription boxes out on the market right now. There are a ton of different unboxing videos on YouTube for you to get an idea of what you can expect from each one.

Quilty Box: Arguably the most well-known of the quilting subscription boxes. This company has three different types of subscriptions and the price includes shipping if you live within the US:

  • the Quilty Box Classic at $48.00 a month if you go month to month.
  • The Jinny Beyer Box, a quarterly subscription, at $65 a box
  • The Quilty Box Mini at $24 a month if you go month to monthWhat's in the subscription box?

Quilty Box Classic: “Monthly theme based on a featured artist’s style. 4-5 Exciting Quilting Products; Precut bundle of Fabric – Past items have included 10″ Squares, 5″ Squares, 2.5″ Strips, Fat Quarter Bundles, and Half Yard Bundles; Patterns, Notions, or Thread”

Jinny Beyer Box: “Delivered quarterly, this box is a limited edition subscription lasting one year and spanning the entire Jinny Beyer color palette. This box is perfect for the quilter looking to expand their color theory! “

Quilty Box Mini: “The newest way to Get Quilty: a smaller, monthly box that’s ideal for on-the-go quilters or beginners who aren’t sure what supplies they need!”

Quilter’s Stash Box: ** New Subscriptions are suspended until September 2018 while the company reinvents it with a new look and lower price.

What's in the subscription box?

  • Past boxes have included a pattern, thread, fabric, books, instructional DVDs and other useful notions
  • People have used past boxed as storage boxes for ongoing projects. Each box was 12″ square and 2″ deep.

Quilter’s Candy Box: quilting and candy, who can possibly turn that down?

  • $46.95 per month, does not include shipping
  • Month to month and 3 month subscriptions are both at $46.95, 6 month subscription lowers the price to $45.83 a month

What is in the subscription box?

“Each month includes fabric, a pattern, and wonderful notions that you will find you don’t want to quilt without! And don’t forget the treat that comes each month that puts CANDY in Quilters Candy Box.”

Sew Sampler Box: from the Fat Quarter Shop, a monthly subscription box out of many different subscription boxes they have available

  • The price is $0.99 for the one time membership fee in addition to a $24.95 plus shipping every month
  • Automatic renewal about a week before the box gets shipped out
  • To get an idea of what is inside, please see my May 2018 Sew Sampler Box Reveal post

What is in the subscription box?

Each month’s box has at least 5 items which may include fabric, notions, patterns, thread and other sundry items. Each month’s boxed value is worth more than the $30 you spend. The first month I had a subscription to it, it was worth over twice what I spent.

Stash Builder Box: This is the only subscription box I have seen where you can customise your subscription box. You can tell them what colors you like and what fabric types you don’t (reproductions, batik’s children’s, etc).

  • $39.95 a month plus shipping.

What is in the box?

In addition to actually being able to choose what kind of fabrics, you also choose between 12 fat quarters or 6 half yard fabric bundles. It could be worth it when you receive fabric you wouldn’t normally go for. I have found myself enjoying others’ remnants because it makes me go outside my normally neutral color palette.

In conclusion the choice is up to you, your budget, and what your goals are. Personally, I have chosen the Sew Sampler Box and have been very happy with the two I have received. It has allowed me to expand into using Auriful thread. I never would have splurged for anything more expensive than Güttermann thread. At this point, I can’t justify getting anything more expensive.

What are your needs for a subscription box? If you already get one, are you happy with it? Is there one not on this list you would suggest?

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