Five spring fabrics are on sale right now!

Spring is finally here after what seemed to be a long and never-ending winter. Soccer practice started for my youngest. The first few weeks of practices were inside because the fields weren’t cleared for having kids and cleats on the grass without destroying it. When we finally got on the fields, it was still bitterly cold. Now, green has filled the bare branches, pollen is coating the cars and everyone’s sinuses. Birds are very loudly getting their nests ready for young. There is a small lake near my work where a swan couple always has their nest somewhere nearby. I have been eagerly waiting for the hatchlings every morning.

Recently, I asked a few Facebook groups what kind of fabric came to mind when they thought of “spring”.  With those results, I came up with spring fabrics that are on sale.

bright floral fabricFlowers or floral patterns: This was one that came up 75% of the time. Big flowers, small flowers, it didn’t matter. It had to be flowers. That was one of the first things that to mind for me too. Right now, the Fat Quarter Shop is having a sale on some of their floral fabric, yardage and pre-cuts such as charm packs. Mini charm packs for less than $4? Yes, please! Here’s the link to their floral fabrics.

Gingham: This kind of surprised me. The only time I think of gingham is The Wizard of Oz (blue gingham dresses) and one of my grandmother’s kitchens. She had a red gingham tablecloth but I associate summer with her. Craftsy is having an End of Bolt Sale on some of the Boundless Fabric. It includes 2 gingham patterns, a yellow one and a black one, as well as tons of florals. Here’s the link to where you can save up to 60% off!psychedelic floral fabric

Pastels: I thought of this one too. As winter slowly retracts its claws, the colors seem to bleed from gray, white and light blue to light yellow, pale green, and pinks. And then things seem to explode in a riot of colors. I have been waiting for Craftsy’s Kaffe Fassett fabrics to go on sale. They have some very psychedelic spring fabrics on sale right now. If you are a person that loves the bright riot of colors that late spring brings then these fabrics are 25% off right now.

Baby Animals: With all the birds, foxes, rabbits and deer around our home, I can’t wait to see the little animals start coming out of their nests. Speaking of nesting, Fat Quarter Shop has a Nesting Box 2018 Limited Edition Mystery Box on sale right now. From the website, this box seems to be very spring-centered. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see birds, specifically doves, in the fabric you get. You can get $120 value of fabric, notions and more for $75. That’s almost 40% off!

Small polka dots: I don’t think of spring when I think of polka dots, but I’ll go with it! Does anyone else think polka dots when you think of spring? What memories are associated with it? Fat Quarter Shop is having some of their polka dot fabric on sale right now. Grab it now while it is less than $10 a yard!

What fabrics make you think of spring? What projects are you working on right now?? Let me know in the comments below.

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