Quilt Challenge Week 5: Electra Star


One of the most fun parts of any quilt project, especially one like this one with different patterns each week, is the picking of the fabrics. I will say ahead of time, I am not good at all with picking coordinating fabrics so I try to stick with either fabric kits, or pre-cuts.  With this project though, I had just received a whole bunch of fabric scraps off of Freecycle and I saw no reason to go buy more fabric. I think my husband would flip if I came home with another bag from Joann’s. 

One of the prettiest fabrics I had in the bags of scraps I have is this one:

I knew I wanted to use this as a focus fabric in this star. I think this was the first week where I wasn’t making flying geese. Though I wasn’t sewing flying geese, I was working with bias an awful lot with all the different sizes of triangles. This led to a new headache I hadn’t come across yet: the feed dogs eating the triangle points.

After a research break, I found that if you start out with the needle down in the fabric at the point where you start, the feed dogs don’t chew up the point. This tip really helped me not only with this block, but a project we started this weekend with our church sewing group that has a lot of triangles as well.

You can find the instructions for this square here at National Quilter’s Circle along with the instructions for the other weeks.

Do you have any tips that have helped you with sewing triangles? Leave a message!

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