Quilt Challenge Week 4: Atlas Star


Week 4 of the Quilting Challenge provided a great opportunity to showcase a beautiful fabric I found in my scraps. I have been wanting to use this fabric for awhile. When I was going through my scraps, choosing which  to use, I knew I had to use this one for this project. It has a sentimental value to me, reminding me of my childhood when I used to visit with one of my grandmothers. She lived out in the backwoods country (though my cousins would probably argue my definition of it as “backwoods”), and I lived in the big city about an hour and a half drive from her. It seemed like a whole different world when I would go visit her. The nights were dark, really dark, like pitch-black. You could actually see the stars in the sky at night and I was fascinated by them. The noises in the country were so different, there was no traffic, no random sirens, just the sound of crickets and frogs out in the woods. Next to her backdoor, she had hydrangea bushes growing wild, and during the summer, they were so beautiful. When I saw this fabric, it reminded me of those days, when life was so easy.

This week, I gave up using my quarter inch piecing foot. Eventually I will go back to it, but not for these squares anymore. This week gave me more practice with flying geese. When quilters say it is a cornerstone, used in almost every quilt block, they weren’t kidding! Every single block I have made for this challenge has had them, and other blocks I have made have had them as well. It seems any star pattern requires flying geese. By the time I am finished this challenge, I think I will have memorized how to make them.

I should have used starch with this before cutting my fabric. Even though this block has been ironed multiple times, it still looks wrinkled, which is bugging my OCD side. 🙂 I keep reminding myself that ultimately, once it is all pieced together,quilted and backed, with binding…it’s supposed to look like this. This week was the first week I actually finished the bock at the 16 1/2 ” it is supposed to be. The other three measure at 16 inches or 16 1/4 inches.

Looking at all my blocks together, this will end up being a very scrappy, very colorful quilt. At least that is what I am telling myself. It may end up looking like a blind person took all the crayons in a box, and randomly started trying to color shapes in a kaleidoscope. My scientific side is screaming at me that it all has to match to look pretty. Thankfully this quilt will be staying at home, or end up being a soccer blanket for all the soccer games I go to with my youngest . Hmmm…that’s not such a bad idea!

You can find the instructions for this square here at National Quilter’s Circle along with the instructions for the other weeks.

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