Quilt Challenge Week 2: The Merope Star



It was hard trying to find fabric for this star. I had a plan in mind, but as the saying goes, “Man plans, and God laughs.” I had planned to go with a mainly orange theme for this one, but realized…I have no orange fabric, even in the scraps that I have acquired.

In spite of the lack of orange fabric. I think I did better than I could have. I was able to pull the rest of the red from the previous week’s square, and at least come up with a common thread to bind the two squares together.

During this week, I also received the quarter inch piecing foot with guide that I bought online, and tried to use it, without much success. I really didn’t think that using a foot with a guide would be difficult, but apparently, there is a learning curve for me.

This was the first square that I did that really required me to actively think and put the pieces together, and even then, I used my loyal seam ripper, Jack, quite a few times. Eventually though, I was able to finally say I was able to successfully piece this square together, and it is pretty much, sort of, the size it is supposed to be.

  1.  using a new foot, a new method of piecing, though it seems like it should be easier, can provide more frustration: practice on a piece that won’t cause headaches already in its design.
  2. The center of this star is very bulky, perhaps I need to look into pressing my seams open instead of all to one side, even if they are opposite directions.
  3. Never sew when you are irritated or frustrated, it will end up showing in the piece itself. Put it down and walk away….slowly.

Have you ever had a tool that you thought would make your life so much easier, but instead, seems to just make it more difficult as you adjust to using it?

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