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What are some of your favorite sewing notions? I remember when my daughter first got her sewing machine on Christmas morning. The very next day my mother in law and I signed her up for her first class. We went with her to the big box fabric store to acquire the items she would need for her class. This store was like an alien world for me. The terminology wasn’t much better. Walking down the aisles, reading the signs, all I could think was, “What the heck is a notion? Why do I need ideas for sewing?”

Yes, I had no idea what a sewing notion was. Now, I live for new sewing notions that make my quilting life so much easier. Whether it is a new ruler, a shiny pair of Gingher scissors, or just something I hadn’t thought of that really makes my quilting life so much easier. I love my notions!

notion: peels from i love quiltingA few weeks ago, I came across a company who was looking for reviews of their sewing notions. I offered my services and they sent me a few of their fantastic notions. The company is called I Love Quilting Forever. I Love Quilting Forever sells really bright, fun colored sewing notions and presser feet for your sewing machine. The bright greens, blues, pinks and oranges of the various sewing notions puts a little more zip in your project. So let’s go through what they sent me:

  • Peels: These notions go around your spool thread to keep it from unwinding. The only negative I see with these is when you have really thin spools, like I have with my metallic thread. You have to angle it so the peel doesn’t cover the opposite edge of the peel.
  • Bobbini Holders: I have seen these notions from another manufacturer before on a video on YouTube. They work great. These are awesome because they keep the thread bobbin with the thread spool. There’s a long part that you squeeze and goes down into the thread spool.
    Bobbini doesn’t let my Coats and Clark spool rest all the way down on my June Tailor spool holder.

    Pressure keeps it from coming out of the spool, even if you hold it upside down. The smaller part holds the coordinating bobbin in place allowing you to keep the bobbin together with the thread spool you are using. I have a June Tailor thread spool holder on my wall. The only negative I see with this is when you have thread spools that are shorter than others. For instance, my Coats and Clark spools are shorter than Güttermann spools. The bobbini holder doesn’t allow the spool to go all the way down on the spool holder.

  • Tulips Bobbin Clamps: The last time I was switching out my bobbin thread for another color I was getting frustrated because it kept unraveling. I hate those long tails, they make it look so messy when put into my bobbin case. However, will these make it impossible to put the bobbins in my bobbin case now? If you have a travel case for your bobbins, the answer is yes. There is no way to close the case.
  • Bias Tape Maker Set: I’m still trying to figure out how to use these. They didn’t come with any instructions. I’ve been watching videos on You Tube. Here is one I have been watching that has been the exact set of bias tape makers I received from I Love Quilting Forever.
  • Sewing Clips Jar: I wish I had these when I was working on the two baby blankets I made for my co-workers. While buying the hair clips was a good idea, they tended to stop working as well pretty quickly. They couldn’t handle the bulk of the quilt sandwich. There are 100 small clips and 25 large clips in this jar. This is more than enough to hold at least one side of the quilt sandwich in place. I just compared them to the 10 pack of Clover Wonder Clips I bought from Joann’s last year. Honestly, if I didn’t know I was holding two different manufacturer’s clips, I wouldn’t know they were different at all. They were the same size and same width with the same tension.
  • Colored bobbins: This is probably the notion that is scaring me the most, but I do intend on using them today. Sewing machines, if you don’t know already, can be very finicky when it comes to the bobbins you use. They seem thinner than the Brother bobbins that come specifically for my machine. I don’t know how my machine will handle this. I’m hoping I don’t break my machine, but I will let you know!
  • Sewing machine threader: There are instructions that come with this notion but I think I am going to have to You Tube this one as well. Reading the instructions aren’t very clear. I am a person who learns by watching first, perhaps the written instructions will be clearer for someone else.
  • Three different presser feet for my sewing machine: Most sewing machines I have seen are low shank machines, so  these should workfine with any machine you have as long as it is a low shank machine. The three presser feet I received are: a bias binding foot, a stitch foot guide, and a stitch in the ditch foot.
  • Magnetic Seam Guide: I don’t have one of these and this is a great addition to my sewing notions. I am especially looking forward to using this one when I am teaching my youngest to sew by making a curtain for her older sister’s room.

If you have more than one project going at once, why not color coordinate? Use all your pink peels together to keep your thread from unwinding that you are using for the baby blanket that you are making for your co-worker. There are even coordinating pink,orange, green and blue bobbin clamps, peels and bobbini holders. These will keep you completely coordinated no matter what the project you have going.

Thank you to I Love Quilting Forever for sending me these notions to review. I got these notions when I was dealing with a particularly nasty stomach virus, and it brought a ray of light to my day.

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