Mother’s Day Gifts for the Quilting Mama

This Mother’s Day I will probably get a card or three from the kidlets and husband. My kids are young enough to make something at school for me, so I’m looking forward to what they will make me. However, the week before Mother’s Day, I usually start seeing a slight look of panic in my husband’s eyes every once in a while. Almost as if he’s suddenly reminded that Mother’s Day is coming up and he has no clue what to get me or his mother. Of course, he could always remember that I do a lot of quilting and I always need more supplies. If you feel that sense of panic too as you start looking at gift options for the woman in your life, don’t worry, I got you covered.

If you’re here reading this, I’m going to make a big jump in logic and say the woman in your life is like me and loves to cut up perfectly good material then sews it back together in random looking shapes, cursing all the while about her points not being perfect. Either she quilts or sews, and you may not even know the difference but you don’t really need to with this gift guide that I’m going to give you.

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide For The Quilting Mama

  1. Sew Sampler subscription: there is nothing worse than going to your mailbox day after day to be faced with bills and more bills. With a Sew Sampler Box subscription, the quilter in your life will look forward to getting a box in the mail once a month chock full of quilting goodness. Quilting and sewing notions, fabric, thread and patterns fill these monthly boxes. You can even add to it if you wanted to. She will be so happy to open one of these every month. It’s like Christmas, once a month! And yes, this is the one I will be gifting to myself this Mother’s Day! You can get it from the Fat Quarter Shop *
  2. Craftsy Unlimited subscription *: As quilters, we are constantly on the hunt for new ways of doing things. We want to learn new methods, and find new patterns. The best place I have found for all of those is Craftsy. Recently, Craftsy has come up with a Craftsy Unlimited subscription service, where for a monthly fee, you can take as many classes as you want in 0ver 15 different categories. Is your quilter also a knitter, or baker, or embroiderer? There are classes in that too! It’s such a fantastic investment and resource that can be right at her fingertips. My oldest daughter Alessandra, has just started baking and my younger, Hunter, has started cross stitch. Both can take classes on there as well.
  3. Okay, so now you’re thinking, that stuff is way out of my budget. Money does not grow on trees! Totally understand! If you haven’t figured it out, quilting is an expensive hobby! Let’s go for something that may be more in your budget. Does she have a pair of really nice sewing shears, or has she been eyeing a pair? I just bought myself a pair of amazing Gingher sewing shears (they are scissors), for less than $20. They do retail at about $50, but if you use coupons, you can get them for about 40-50% off and save yourself some major cash. You can find them at Craftsy * as well.
  4. Let’s talk thread! Having no thread is like not having a sewing machine, it just ain’t happening! But trust me, you can’t just buy any old thread for quilting. Did you know there are different weights of thread?  If you get the wrong weight of thread the whole project can go wrong. But no pressure! It’s okay, I got you covered here too! Sulky * specializes in thread. They do all sorts of thread: cotton thread, polyester thread, blendable threads. If you need a thread, Sulky has it.
  5. If your favorite quilting gal is all alone in her love of quilting, or she has social anxiety like me, an online quilting group is perfect. The International Association of Quilters has membership levels available to buy. You can either splurge and get her a year’s membership, or get her a membership for 4 months. Either way, she can connect with others who share her love of quilting.

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