Learning How To Stitch in the Ditch

In a desperate attempt to beat the clock at this baby shower, I put threaded needle to fabric and finally quilted this baby quilt I am making for momma #2. With the colors of teal, white and dark brown in the quilt top, I wasn’t sure what color thread to use. I didn’t want it to detract from the beauty and geometry of the quilt itself. This time around, I decided to stitch in the ditch, and since the bottom of each window pane extended to the next one, white was the color of choice.

And it worked out perfectly. This was the first time I have stitched in the ditch. And when your points are way off, pivoting is your best friend. I am now thinking of getting a satin edging in pink for this one because the back of it looks like this:

Fortunately, I have time for that! The baby shower date has been put off by a week and a half!

What have you been working on this week?

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