I only have a week left….WHAT?!

I have two coworkers who are due  to have their babies within the same week, and I have slowly been going through the process of what to make each of them over the past months. The first one was a total YouTube fail, but thankfully I was able to save it and just redo it in some way.

The second one on the other hand took a bit more time. I figured I would make an attic window quilt for her using an underwater themed panel, and a YouTube video from Missouri Star Quilt Company and Jenny Doan. I bought the panel and the other fabric. This past weekend, I finally got the courage to start the cutting and sewing the bottom pieces.

And then I went to work and found out we are having the baby shower a week from tomorrow….a quilt to make in a week, while I work a 60 hour week and the weekend?! Okay….I can totally do this!

When have you been under a time crunch in your projects?

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