Five Quilting Rulers I use all the time

The very first thing I bought when I knew I wanted to start quilting was a rotary cutter, self healing mat and ruler set. Because I refuse to pay full price on anything I get, I waited until Joann’s had a sale on quilting notions. I have been using this Fiskar’s set for over a year, and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. It may be bulky to lug around when I go to my quilting group at church. However, it is completely indispensable for my quilting needs.

The ruler that came with that beginner quilting set was a 6 1/2″ by 24 1/2″. Buying fabric in yardage, instead of pre-cut fabric such a jelly rolls, layer cakes or charm packs, means I have to square up yardage.  The best way I do this is by using that 6 1/2″ by 24 1/2″ ruler. It makes it so easy to fold the yardage in half and cut only two layers instead of 4 or 6 if I were using a smaller ruler. Also, the 6 1/2″ width helps the ruler to stay in one place instead of sliding all over the place. It is just wide enough for my hand to hold it in place while I am cutting.

The second ruler I find myself using all the time is the 12 1/5″ Omnigrid ruler. I use it to square up the large quilt blocks I have been making with the Lexington Sampler Quilt I have been making with National Quilter’s Circle.

Though those quilt blocks are 15 1/2 inches, between using the grid on my cutting mat, and this ruler, I am able to easily square these up. I love Omnigrid quilting rulers. They have bright yellow makings making it easy to read on dark fabrics. At the same time, they also have black markings, making them easy to read on light colored fabric.

A third ruler I use all the time is my 9 1/2″ ruler that came in the value pack I bought off Amazon. When I am making mug rugs for the mug rug swaps I am in, this ruler isn’t so big it overwhelms me. At the time time it isn’t so small I am constantly moving it up.  

My younger daughter, Hunter is going to be starting her second summer in soccer. She asked me to make her a soccer quilt months ago. I got this hexagon ruler to make the soccer quilt she requested.  This is a project on my to-do list!

You can use this hexagon ruler to make hexagons from 2 inches all the way up to 6 inches. Not only can you use it to make a soccer quilt, but you can also use it to make absolutely adorable hexagon mug rugs or candle mats.

The last quilting ruler I find myself using a lot is the Wright’s Dresden ruler. Some time last month when I was making a quilted postcard for a friend, I used this ruler to make a multi-colored flower out of the dresdens. Since it was a postcard, I was so happy that this ruler was able to make tiny little dresdens that were only an inch long. Using a button for the middle, I was able to keep the flower at less than 3 inches across. Perfect for the 4 inch by 6 inches I had to keep the fabric postcard at!


If you are looking for an affordable way to start your quilting journey, I highly recommend the Fiskar’s 3 piece set and the Omnigrid Ruler Value Pack. Each of these rulers have  45  and 60 degree marks when you are cutting triangles or squaring up blocks. Together, they provide exactly what you need to get a solid start. Everything else is just extra.

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