Fabulous Freebie Blog Hop: Cat Toys!

Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop
Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop!


I will preface this post by saying our family has been in the middle of a move. My husband’s company relocated him, and here we are, now halfway across the country from where we were before. Moving has been stressful and many emotions have been flying around. Hence, why I haven’t been able to post in a month! I am hoping that will end quickly as we settle down into a routine in the next few weeks. Also my sewing has been put on hold, making me just a little cranky.

Joan at MooseStash Quilting has been amazing at bringing this blog hop together. Since we just got our internet up and running yesterday, I am still catching up on all the amazing freebies  posted by the other talented quilters and sewers out there. During this move, I noticed the one that experienced the most stress was Quilting Cat. She hid behind our sofa the first few days while coming out only to eat, all the time crouching by the walls with her belly to the ground. Poor girl! Now, she has been wandering around at night meowing for her toys, and hiding during the day. Of course, half our stuff (including my sewing machine and fabric!) is still in storage. That also includes her toys, but you try explaining that to her!

I did promise her when I got my sewing machine out of storage, I would make her a bunch of new toys filled with lots of her favorite catnip. Here are a few of the free cat toy patterns I found while promising her this:

  1. A Felt Catnip Bird: this particular pattern doesn’t mention anything at all about using this as a cat toy, but with a few modifications like no buttons and adding catnip to the polyfill, this would be a great cat toy!
  2. A Catnip Mouse: Although it doesn’t mention any particular types of fabric, fleece or felt might be better for this project. I have noticed if I make toys of cotton or flannel, she tends to rip them apart quicker.
  3. Junk Food Cat Toys: oh my gosh, these are just the cutest things! While I don’t see any pattern on here for pizza, I think I may have to come up with a pizza slice for Quilting Cat!
  4. Faux Leather/ Faux Suede Cat Toy: the leather and suede would sure last a heckuva lot longer than cotton or flannel! There is a comment on the original Craftsy post that mentions using a triple straight stitch on your sewing machine to make sure the seams don’t come apart during cat play. I honestly never thought of it, but perhaps using my twin needles would help with the longevity of QC’s toys.
  5. Pillow cube: hey, a cat toy that can triple as a hackey sack, or something to randomly toss at one of my kids.


Go check out everyone else’s amazing freebies on this blog hop! A huge thanks to  Joan at MooseStash Quilting for pulling all this together!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Well you did really well with links for someone who’s life is in major disorder. Thanks. I know I have several kitty people in my gift giving world that will be seeing some of these suggestions. Hope your machine comes out of storage soon. I know it makes such a difference when you can sew at the end of a day just to feel in control again. Health and Happiness in your new home.

  2. Moving is stressful!! I hope things settle down soon for you and for your kitty! They are so sensitive, but I’m sure the new toys will have her feeling right at home in no time!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the links and I hope you get things out of storage soon!

  4. Oh my, what an ordeal! I hope you are settled soon. I would probably be more than a little cranky if I couldn’t get to my stuff. Hopefully your kitty will be happy in her new home soon, too. Thank you for the links.

  5. Poor Quilting Cat. I hope you all settle in quickly. If you are handy with crochet or knitting you could try a simple granny square for her to play with while you are waiting for your machine. We discovered our cat likes stealing granny squares and beating them up – and yes we found this out the hard way. lol

  6. Thank you for the links. I’m late to the party but appreciative of your post. Thank you for sharing and good luck getting back to “normal”.

  7. Moving is no fun at all! Hope you get settled soon… thanks for the links to kitty toys, they will come in handy! xx

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