Fabric postcards are perfect for learning new techniques

Everything I have learned in sewing has been from finding a challenge that expands my repertoire, researching what has worked for others with this particular challenge, and then doing it myself to see if it works for me.

I recently joined a swap for fabric postcards for March. My partner said she would leave it up to me to go with whatever theme I wanted to use. As I was browsing the Joann website, looking for inspiration and buying the fabric I needed, I came across my newest challenge: metallic thread.


 I have heard all of the nightmare stories about metallic thread: it breaks easily and it shreds. So I looked online to see how other, more professional people have successfully dealt with metallic thread and I saw a common theme:
  1. It needs a vertical spool pin
  2. It needs a special needle
  3. Needle size has to be either 80 or 90
  4. You need to go SLOWLY!

My spool pin is horizontal, and I don’t think there is a way to make it vertical, so I was out of luck there. I did get a special needle, a needle specifically for metallic thread, and size 80. I went really slowly, which was really determined by the project because I was outlining a four leaf clover.

When I say I went really slowly, I dropped my speed as slow as it would go and took a few stitches at a time. Maybe if I was working on a bigger project, the speed would have driven me batty, but this worked.

The postcard is far from done right now, but, here it is so far! I think I may edge it in the gold thread with a decorative stitch.

Materials used in this project:

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