I have not been sewing since I was three

2017 was an interesting year for me. I ended up buying my first sewing machine when my daughter refused to let me use hers for a beginner class I wanted to take. Please take note…..before we bought hers, I didn’t know that sewing machines had a top and bottom thread! Now….I can thread my machine almost blindfolded, though I will admit to not learning how to use the auto threader ability for fear of forgetting how to thread it manually.

This is my machine, I haven’t named it yet, but it seems to like me well enough to have the needle go up and down like it should and make me look like an amazing sewing type person (sewist? sewer?)

I did make one baby blanket on it, a pattern  that swore it was an intermediate pattern, but it really is a beginner pattern.

And I made a pair of pajama pants on it (which ended up being way too big, thus crushing my hopes of ever being on Fashion Runway….just kidding!).

And I made a teddy bear on it, using the Simplicity 8044 pattern. Can’t possibly go wrong, right? Well, you see, if you don’t pay attention and sew darts together, you come out with a fantastic bear that looks like it has a very strangely placed appendage that makes it somewhat anatomically correct. The next one came out so much better, I swear! Both Sprinkles and the unnamed blue bear are still equally loved by my daughter.

Finally, the quilting bug hit me, but from my previous experiences listed above, I knew if I tried a queen size quilt, I would end up with something resembling a burrito, a snow shovel and sunfish, all rolled up into one. So, I started with a mini quilt kit from Joann’s, that I am very happy with and will eventually be going to it’s intended recipient.

After that, I sewed the tree skirt, which came out fantastic, however, I did break down and buy the class off Craftsy.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am nowhere near a professional, either. Maybe we can teach each other new things.

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