Easy Attic Window Baby Quilt

In my last blog post, I found out I only had a week until we are having our baby shower for our two coworkers who are having their babies soon.

I have finished one of the baby blankets done a few weeks ago, and I will post in a few days showcasing that one. But, this second one caught me totally by surprise, and I had to force myself to make the cut, literally.

I am using a panel called When Dolphins Dance that I bought at Joann’s, and making an attic window quilt out of it.

Using  2 1/2″ strips of brown and white as well as the cut panel, here is the beginning of the work I started yesterday:

Making the sides of each of the cuts of the panel

I used Missouri Star Quilt Company’s video of an easy attic quilt, and it truly was much easier than I expected it to be. Even for a newbie quilter like me.

Here is a picture of how much I was able to finish as of yesterday afternoon:

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